Report June 2020

Dear Elders and brethren,


The group at Tillman’s Corner is doing well; our numbers are about 35 on Sunday Morning, and about 20 on Wednesday night.  We did not have services for a total of 8 weeks due to shut down regulations for Covid-19.  During that time, I started doing live studies on Facebook that I have continued to do.  Currently I am studying the book of Galatians and have progressed to chapter 4.  The number of individuals that have watched my videos have averaged 130 per week, that number includes members from Tillman’s Corner as well as a few people from the Mobile area.  We resumed services at the building on May 17th. Our average numbers are still down because we have elderly that are still taking precautions as well as people isolating after being exposed to Covid-19.  We have progressed to chapter 32 in our study of Numbers on Sunday mornings.  When we resumed services, we started a study of the book of Acts on Wednesday night and have progressed to chapter 4.  The congregation has been blessed that no one has been diagnosed with Covid-19, however, we all know someone who has been diagnosed and our prayer is that this will not be an issue for much longer.


My work with the congregation at Chico Road in Pascagoula, MS has resumed.  I was unable to work with them in person the months of April, May and June.  Members of the group have told me that they were watching my videos along with others to fill their Sundays with studying God’s word.  When I was with them in July we resumed our study of Ephesians by studying chapter 4. 


Carol and I are doing well.  We have not been adversely affected by the current situation in our country.  A brief update on our children.  David and his wife Shelby were diagnosed with Covid-19 but felt minor symptoms.  They have made a full recovery and are back at work and doing well.  Ben and his wife Lacy have been exposed but have always tested negative. They are doing well along with their daughter Ann-Luin.  Matthew is working for Lowes and doing well.  Both Matthew and Ben are preaching for a congregation in Meridian, MS once a month.


I am thankful that God continues to make sure that our needs are met on a monthly basis.  My current monthly support from congregations is $6650.  Tillman’s Corne supplies $4000; Jordan Park in Huntsville, AL supplies $400; Eastside in Athens, AL supplies $750; Pine Lane in Bessemer, AL supplies $1000 and Gardendale in Gardendale, AL supplies $500.  To help cover the needs of my family I am still working for a church member and my hours continue to average about 30 hours/week.  Again, I am thankful for the blessings that the Lord has provided and am confident that He will continue to do so.


I am thankful to everyone that helps me financially, with cards, letters and prayers.  My hope and prayer is that God will continue to bless you and every congregation of His people, and that much good will result from the work in your community as well as ours.


God bless you, go with God!

Robby J. McPeak

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